Vintage Hickory - 5" x 1/2"

This elegant 5" x 1/2" engineered Vintage Hickory series from Virginia Vintage will create an atmosphere of simple, yet one-of-a-kind elegance in your home. This collection features the durability and natural active grain patterns color variations of Hickory, topped with a durable finish for years of long-wearing beauty.

  • BRAND NAME Virginia Vintage Hardwood Flooring
  • SERIES NAME Vintage Hickory - 5" x 1/2"
  • CONSTRUCTION Engineered Wood Flooring
  • EDGE STYLE Beveled Edge/End
  • FINISH LusterLock Ultra
  • GLOSS LEVEL Medium
  • INSTALL WHERE On/Above/or Below Grade
  • WARRANTY 50 Year Finish/3 Year Commercial Warranty

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